Four Key Components of a Productive E-Commerce Workforce

When you run an e-commerce company, your workforce is the backbone of the whole organization. How well your employees perform has a direct effect on factors such as customer satisfaction, company efficiency, productivity, and even how much profit you turn over. In order to ensure that your workforce is performing to their best potential and achieving the best results for your business, there are a number of things you can do.
Employee Training
Investing in regular, ongoing training for your employees doesn’t simply benefit them as individuals. Ongoing employee training means that your workforce will be fully equipped to handle any problems which might arise, and they’ll also be skilled and able to work to their full potential. Many employers forego employee training as they believe that it is an unnecessary extra expense, but the truth is, investing in regular, ongoing training for your workforce is definitely worth it, and you can experience a very high ROI. Providing training for your employees not only in their areas of expertise but also on other subjects such as the lean strategy (see the lean Six Sigma website for more information) can help your workforce to be more knowledgeable, skilled and productive.
Ensuring that your employees are satisfied should be an absolute priority when it comes to managing an e-commerce workforce. Satisfied employees are much more likely to be engaged employees, who are an asset to your business and will help to drive the company to success. Not only that, but ensuring that your employees are satisfied with their workplace and workload will also encourage loyalty, meaning that you’ll save money on hiring and be in with a better chance of promoting from within. Employee satisfaction is often achieved though making sure that your employees feel appreciated and valued, something which doesn’t always have to cost money.
Good Teamwork
One of the main factors of an e-commerce workforce which performs to its best potential is a great teamwork ethic. Encouraging teamwork within your workforce means that you can expect everything to run smoothly for the majority of the time. When it comes to promoting teamwork, there are a whole number of different things you can do – for example, investing in team building days for your employees and delegating team building tasks are both great methods of ensuring a productive team environment.
Last but not least, good communication should be an absolutely essential component of any e-commerce workforce. In order for your employees to work together and as individuals and produce the best results, they should be able to both communicate effectively with each other and with you and other management staff. Ensuring that your employees are listened to and have methods in which they can voice any concerns about their work is vital in order to encourage a culture of good communication at the workplace.
A successful e-commerce team has a variety of different components. Working towards achieving all of this with your workforce can help your business to grow and develop to its best potential.


Exploring 3 Elements of Every Successful Website

Although there is a great deal of time, effort and research that goes into the making of literally every successful website, there are three elements that are common to every successful website. If any one of these are missing or lacking, your website is probably going to be doomed to failure. Whether this is the very first site you are trying to set up or the hundredth website you are building, take a few moments to think about the importance of each of the three elements that really are common to every successful site around the globe.

1. Design Can Make or Break Your Site

Before going any further, the first thing you must consider is the design of your site. Depending on your niche, a website should be designed to ‘speak’ to your audience. A commercial site needs to be designed in such a way as to look professional but be easily navigated by visitors. The design you choose should make getting around from page to page easy for the visitors to figure out, pages should never be too busy and above all, you site should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Without those particular design features, visitors may land on your site from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) but they will quickly click off again because they don’t want to be bothered spending inordinate amounts of time looking for things or be bombarded with images and fonts that are not pleasing to look at. It’s all about a design that makes your purpose crystal clear and easy for your visitors to figure out.

2. Content Is What Keeps You Alive

For years, web masters thought of content as only the written word. However, SEO pros have worked long and hard to get people to understand that content is so much more. Content is a catch-all phrase for elements you post on your site. These things can be images, graphics, videos, sound bites and of course articles and informative web content. If you think about what the word ‘content’ means, you will see how all of these features can be, and should be, considered content. SEO (Search Engine Optimised) content is how you keep your website alive.

Search engines look for certain keywords within your content and image tags that will then be ranked for relevance. Good content will rank you highly enough to be listed amongst the first results and visitors will find you quickly and hopefully click through to your site. That’s a very basic rundown of content, but the gist of what you need to know if you plan on building a successful website.

3. Without Reliable Hosting You Are Going Nowhere

The third element common to every successful website is reliable hosting such as that offered in the UK by . You need to be guaranteed at least 99% uptime or your site will surely fail. There is nothing more disturbing to online searchers than to click on a link only to be told the site is currently down or to wait very long periods of time for your landing pages to load. Uptime, bandwidth and speed are crucial to a site’s success so make sure to choose reliable hosting for your site.

Again, these are not the only elements common to a successful website but they are three of the most critical. If you have any hope of developing a successful site, keep these three features in mind. Everything else can be considered ‘fine tuning’ but these three elements are necessary if you want to keep your site alive.


Shop from any corner of the world in the genuine ecommerce stores

The aspect of shopping changed drastically and people started getting attracted to the online shopping portals. Not just to shop for the goods, but one started to search over the internet in order to get any services and enjoy all the things just by sitting in their house. It is equally essential to make sure that one get a genuine store to get all the things that are worthy. There are innumerable options to get the worthy goods and the business entrepreneurs following the trend are offering exceptional services. In order to get the goods as per the convenience make sure that you search and locate the best and a reliable place.

  • The ecommerce websites comfort all the customers by offering exceptional services along with a good collection of all the products. The online vendors are following several techniques and are equally offering several services for the comfort of the buyers.
  • Attending each and every need of the customers is not child’s play and the majority of the vendors are successfully completing their duties. The online vendors enhance their services and even provide superior quality services irrespective of the requirement.
  • Even the fact is that people make sure that they communicate with the buyers or the customers and even take the feedback so that improving their services becomes very easy. The marvelous services offered by the reputed portals are affordable and one can gain innumerable services just at the doorstep.
  • It is common that every successful website should owe a few special features that ensure pocket full of profits along with a good traffic to the site. Starting from the design, style and the quality of the content one should take special care of every aspect in order to gain an impressive portal.
  • The website should be interesting, but not a boring place as people get attractive to the things that are clean and crisp. Fill the portal with superior quality goods and make sure that you maintain your mark as online shopping requires trust of the customers.
  • Every website should be a user friendly one so that the customers who visit it for the first time can navigate well and this is one easy way to create a better environment. Maintaining all the features efficiently is not easy and especially the one that owe a huge impact in the profits. Search for the effective solutions and the methods that work appropriately before implementing them.

The entrepreneurs who owe the ecommerce websites utilize all the services and technologies that are available in the market and are updating their portal along with the services. One of the updated and an advanced technique that enhances the working style of the people is the POS System. This software is one that helps one to handle the whole business efficiently. It is a must that one picks the professional vendor and gain the services that are actually comforting. This technology makes one enjoy several comforting tasks as the performance gets improved and one can enjoy various advantages.


Top 3 Unavoidable Trends for iOS App Development

Keeping in mind increasing number of iPhone users across the world, no organization can ignore proliferating demand of iOS-based mobile applications. To expand customer reach, it is important for new age companies to develop applications that can run on iOS platform seamlessly. With technological advancement in this arena, competition has intensified to develop engaging and user-friendly apps for the App Store. Further, the launch of Apple Watch has created a buzz in the digital industry across the world, creating urge for developing compatible apps. Here are top seven trends that developers should keep in mind while developing applications for iPhones.

Wearable Devices

As stated above, technological advancement in Apple Watch can bring challenge for developers to come up with applications that can run smoothly on iOS platform while maintaining user-experience and overall functionality. They need to upgrade their existing iPhone apps for the watch.

App Security

Today, developers need to leverage benefits of enterprise mobility and BYOD concepts to ensure optimum app security.

Enhanced Performance

iOs application developers are now have to maintain balance between users’ demands and technological advancement while developing user-friendly applications. If competition is taken into consideration, only those apps are going to make their presence felt, which have performance, easy navigation, and wonderful user interface.

IBeacon Technology:

iOs devices extend their location-based services by implementing innovative iBeacon technology. App developers can keep a tab on their clients while harnessing this technology with BLE (Bluetooth low energy). Apps integrated with iBeacon technology makes geofencing a significant factor. A large of airports, sports arenas, and retail establishments are installing iBeacons to share information and interact with Apple devices effortlessly. So, it is highly important for developers to use this technology while developing an effective iOS application.


Developers should not ignore HTML 5 and its development tools while developing hybrid mobile applications that work on multiple platforms seamlessly.

Incredible User Experience

With increasing number of iOS devices, the app user experience has become critical to cope up with. Analytics data will play a vital role in creating better use experiences.

Mobile Gaming

The mobile games need to be cloud driven because of the high demand of frequent and regular updates in the games.

For more details on iOS mobile apps, you can approach a company offering iPhone App Development. The company will understand your requirement, and provide you the best possible solution. Further, a company offering services for mobile application development in Toronto is well versed with the latest trends and is able to create engaging applications for all platforms.


ITAR Compliance: Your Ignorance Is Your Responsibility

Navigating the labyrinth of the trade compliance is one of the difficult tasks for the companies which manufacture, export or broker defense articles or provide defense services, regardless of the popularity and the size of the company. The entities that fail to comply with the trade regulations sooner or later face many problems in the export. They may lose the export license and all the privileges, as well. U.S. companies, who deal with the persons or companies listed on the government’s entity list, specially designated list, debarred party list, denied person list and/or other sanctioned party lists might be subject to several criminal and civil penalties by the U.S government. To cope up with such situations, exporters are looking for ways to screen their trade partners through several technical means.

In the recent days, designing a technical or defense product is much more complicated and requires lots of testing and screening. They should meet all the effective military, environmental, technical and the performance standards. After the design of the defense item like the single-board computer, missile, integrated circuit and the avionics systems, they should be properly licensed by the government of United States under the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations and several other compliance programs.

Complying with the export regulations is too complicated and the compliance control experts and the attorneys design the control system components for the defense engineers. Failure is not the ultimate option. But for the export compliance, it results in paying millions of dollars as administrative fines. Sometimes, the exporters can face imprisonment if they do not follow the export compliance regulations. ITAR came into enforcement in 1976.

Penalties and Law Enforcement:

In the recent days, the civil and the criminal penalties are growing in a fast level after the terrorist attack on 9/11. The conflicts around the world are increasing. Thus, there is the need of export compliance solutions that help in maintaining legal trade. The enforcement personnel, Georgi says that there should be good coordination of enforcement between the export compliance agencies with US Department of Justice. The defense industry is one of the sectors in the economy where the designers of the commercial technology are looking for several ways to target the military systems integrators of the products. To minimize the penalties and violations, the need for the export compliance software is increasing in a greater level. There are many companies that offer online applications to screen the companies involved in the transaction and end-users of the products.

Most Common ITAR-Related Mistakes:

The ITAR world is surrounded by various complications that make it easier for the companies to do several mistakes if they are non-compliant. One of the common mistakes is that most of the export companies do lack perfect export compliance program in the initial stages. In such cases, the companies have to invest money in hiring the compliance control experts for maintaining legal trade. Many companies believe that compliance program written on the paper is enough for a compliant trade. One of the last and major problems related to export compliance is obviously doing business with an entity that is on one of the sanctioned/denied party lists. Knowingly doing this violation is potentially subject to criminal penalties.

Thus, while transporting the defense articles across the globe, most of the exporters implement a robust ITAR compliance program and diligently screens their trading partners.


Cache exclusion in Drupal – Disable cache for certain pages or template

These below code you can put on your template pages, you can apply condition according to requirement so so caching will exclude for those pages where apply this code.

$GLOBALS[‘conf’][‘cache’] = FALSE;
$GLOBALS[‘do_not_cache’] = 1;

We can use CacheExclude module to manage caching for perticular page or condition


Get installed a POS system to improve the business and manage accurately

A small store to a large retail store is advisable to use Point of Service systems to easily customize their routine operations. It increases productivity, business, revenue, relationship with customers, and also saves time efficiently. Free POS applications can be used in simple business procedures using existing tools where advanced system is not affordable. POS is connected with multiple computers, printers, scanners at the administrator, sales counter, and many more locations. If additional equipment is needed to establish POS system, those must be purchased by the clients to add existing computing systems. Upgrading or updating an existing POS is also easy and convenient.

Web based systems allows connect various platforms when business is needed to develop. Instead of deploying existing ones, a customer can update a POS very easily. The key elements of revenue progression of the company and maintenance of the software must be evaluated before selecting a Point of Service system. Multi user systems are costlier than single user, but enhance the productivity and advantages in using them. Some are easily downloadable and installed, but some need software integration.

Select a suitable Point of Sales

Several POS service providers arrange different systems that are useful for various application areas. Ecommerce business, online stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and many areas can use a suitable POS System. For example, a shop can maintain cash register and handle sales on a particular module. Advanced technology is maintained to achieve everything fast and secured. A business store can deal with multiple sales or purchases systems connected with POS very easily. Manual administration or network operation becomes difficult where POS offer simplicity in communication among various work locations.

Installation of Point of service software in a business organization is set with number of protocols that are standard and compulsory to control the system. POS software must use related hardware equipment at different locations that are connected with one another to serve the purpose productively. POS printing devices, bar-code readers, debit/credit card readers, and many more are connected with the system.

Install the software suitable for the business

POS software services must be selected after thoroughly checking its quality and productivity. Online service providers offer technically advanced packages that are suitable for a particular business or industry. Ecommerce business needs these systems to for providing the company service efficiently and reliably. The business can also facilitated with less inventory expenses in using POS. For the applications which are repetitive in the business dealings, POS helps to lessen the program executions and time spent for them by fully automation.

iPad POS for more convenience

iPad POS systems are much convenient and portable for tracking inventory, sales, managing employees and everything very easily. Installing iPad software is beneficial for faster and comfortable administration from different locations. Without direct connection, every deal is maintained well with these systems. It is also performed with more speed and emerges up to dated instant information to the user. iPad POS makes a business more prominent and serve all the needs to manage business dealing in an accurate and fast manner.


Benefits of Open Source Software

OSS or open source software refers to a program where the source code is made available to the general public for use and modification from its original design free of cost. It is generally created as a mutual effort in which programmers customize the code as per their requirement. As in this everything is pretty much transparent and the source code is available free of cost it is called as Open Source.

The difference between open source and other commercial products is that, open source concentrates more on durability, user-friendliness, scope of improvement etc, where as commercial products focus more on the visual appeal of the product. This is usually developed by the hardcore professional programmers whose motivation is not money but user-feedback and customer satisfaction. The success of These is largely based on financial profitability though that is not the be all and end all of open source projects.

Benefits of Open Source Software:

1)The first and foremost benefit of This is it’s reliability. If a user find any bug or error, he can fix it himself without being bothered by it. This essentially makes OSS extremely reliable. Whereas in other commercial product a user is helpless when it come to fixing error and bugs.

2)It’s pretty stable in its handling. In Open Source Software a user don’t have to upgrade and update to keep the business running without any hassle. Many a time the commercial product charge the user for upgrading to their better versions, resulting in customer paying more and more over time to keep themselves updated. This handling is not seen in open source, as all These adhere to standard and if one wish to remain with the old version, one can do so with little customization. Moreover all the upgrades are easy and free of cost.

3)The best argument that commercial product have over This is the fact that they don’t have a proper support. Which is again untrue, yes, they do lack a constant support compared to commercials, but This is largely dependent on large community who help each other. Because of its global appeal and transparency in nature, the community thrive to help each other out. There are many forums, communities, websites, channel which help solve the queries. These community is growing in leaps and bounds, so the support will only get better with time.


POS System – An important tool for making your business more successful

A POS System is specially designed to fulfill your needs. This software is easy to use, and you can run your business from any point of the world anytime. You can devote extra time to your customers with the help of POS Software. Whether your business is small or large, this software is designed to fulfill your requirements.

POS System

POS Software

Benefits of using POS System:

  • The customers can check out the store from anywhere using a mobile POS technology. They don’t need to wait for their chance and hence this feature attracts more customers.
  • POS System on mobile answers all the questions about the product. If all the details are available to the customers in a single click, they will surely buy the product.
  • Helps your employees to know about the products which arein more demand. Hence, they can advertize any product more confidently.
  • In restaurants:

Restaurant POS system is very helpful in sending orders to the right place.  In restaurants, bars and cafes the orders need to be placed to the right area and with a POS system the orders can go to the correct area. Employees can do multiple tasks at once by opening different tabs for accepting payments, taking orders and many more.  This can save a lot of time, and your business can also run efficiently with the help of this software.

You can get a proper vision of your business with the help of POS System. This software is helpful in inventory management, employee management, customer tracking, accounting and many more. This software helps you to make good business decisions. It fulfills the customer’s needs.

This technology is very useful for a business owner as well as the customers. The customers can now shop quickly and more conveniently. Hence, the business owners also benefit from this.

Without paying any price, you can enjoy the benefits of Android POS system. SalesVu provides you many services which will help you to manage your business and make it more successful and can help you run your business effectively.