Ecommerce SEO Tips for 2017 – The Essentials

2017 is going to be an interesting year of new age SEO. With ecommerce sites moving to the next level and the landscape reaching a new plane altogether, getting updated on the latest aspects of Search Engine Optimisation has become important.
In this article, some of the most important aspects regarding ecommerce SEO and other related aspects are discussed.

There are certain aspects that are quite related to each other and they are Javascript Rendering, Single Page Applications, Pre-Rendering, and Crawling. All these concepts are related to one another. These essentially point to the fact that they try to provide a single experience to the world and that is regarding the consolidation of websites and apps.

In the New Year, one of the main things that the SEO people need to learn is the way the Google crawlers crawl websites, especially when it is loaded client-side content. Another aspect that needs to be learned is the marketing of SPAs without having access to traditional application marketplaces. One of the recent developments includes the recent crawler update, which allows Javascript Rendering. This includes Screaming Frog 6.0.

There is an increasing need of universal JavaScript, which is also known as “isomorphic” JavaScript. Empirical data shows that there has been significant improvement in page load time after implementation of isomorphic rendering in React.js. If you want to get an edge over competitors in your niche, this is one of the main areas that need to be worked upon in 2017 for improving page load time. As loading time of page is one of the main SEO factors, incorporating this change is very important. A SEO company in India must keep this aspect in mind for getting leverage in the search engine results page (SERP).

Another most important area that needs for in 2017 SEO are Mobile Mobile Algo, Dynamic Serving, and AMP. Mobile has come up as one of the most important areas of SEO. When compared to desktop, mobile has become more important in all ways. Google is emphasising on a mobile shift and a forced mindset change of SEO professionals from desktop to mobile. That’s why the most important thing that has been rolled out in this end is the mobile first indexing. However, the leading search engine is also telling the SEO community that mobile friendliness is the most important area now. This is one of the main things that a SEO company in India must keep in mind for getting success.

A forced shift to adoption of HTTPs is what we are witnessing right now.

Google is forcing and is all set to make the site owners move their site to a more secured HTTPS environment. One of the major changes that the Chrome users are going to witness in the coming days is a message for the non-HTTPs websites and it is “Not Secure”.

There are certain aspects that are needed to be implemented and they are:

  • Implementation of Author Markup
  • Submission of disavow files
  • Removal of Author Markup
  • Building up of responsive pages
  • Building up of AMP pages
  • Conversion to HTTPs

If a SEO company in India needs to cherish success in 2017, these are some of the basic things that need to be done for sites, especially if the site is an ecommerce website.

Another area for which ecommerce websites should be ready is the trio – Voice Search, Predictive Assistance, and Answer Boxes. Inclusion of bullets instead of numbered listing can become important as it can lead to placement in the Answer Box.

These are some of the most important points that a SEO professional must know for achieving success in 2017.

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