Exploring 3 Elements of Every Successful Website

Although there is a great deal of time, effort and research that goes into the making of literally every successful website, there are three elements that are common to every successful website. If any one of these are missing or lacking, your website is probably going to be doomed to failure. Whether this is the very first site you are trying to set up or the hundredth website you are building, take a few moments to think about the importance of each of the three elements that really are common to every successful site around the globe.

1. Design Can Make or Break Your Site

Before going any further, the first thing you must consider is the design of your site. Depending on your niche, a website should be designed to ‘speak’ to your audience. A commercial site needs to be designed in such a way as to look professional but be easily navigated by visitors. The design you choose should make getting around from page to page easy for the visitors to figure out, pages should never be too busy and above all, you site should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Without those particular design features, visitors may land on your site from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) but they will quickly click off again because they don’t want to be bothered spending inordinate amounts of time looking for things or be bombarded with images and fonts that are not pleasing to look at. It’s all about a design that makes your purpose crystal clear and easy for your visitors to figure out.

2. Content Is What Keeps You Alive

For years, web masters thought of content as only the written word. However, SEO pros have worked long and hard to get people to understand that content is so much more. Content is a catch-all phrase for elements you post on your site. These things can be images, graphics, videos, sound bites and of course articles and informative web content. If you think about what the word ‘content’ means, you will see how all of these features can be, and should be, considered content. SEO (Search Engine Optimised) content is how you keep your website alive.

Search engines look for certain keywords within your content and image tags that will then be ranked for relevance. Good content will rank you highly enough to be listed amongst the first results and visitors will find you quickly and hopefully click through to your site. That’s a very basic rundown of content, but the gist of what you need to know if you plan on building a successful website.

3. Without Reliable Hosting You Are Going Nowhere

The third element common to every successful website is reliable hosting such as that offered in the UK by bestwebhosting.co.uk . You need to be guaranteed at least 99% uptime or your site will surely fail. There is nothing more disturbing to online searchers than to click on a link only to be told the site is currently down or to wait very long periods of time for your landing pages to load. Uptime, bandwidth and speed are crucial to a site’s success so make sure to choose reliable hosting for your site.

Again, these are not the only elements common to a successful website but they are three of the most critical. If you have any hope of developing a successful site, keep these three features in mind. Everything else can be considered ‘fine tuning’ but these three elements are necessary if you want to keep your site alive.

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