How to configure panels in drupal

Introduction to Panels

Drupal allows you to modify layouts of your content, adding Panels to your site enables you to create more advanced displays of your content. Here are just a few things the Panels module makes easy:

Divide the display of your content into multiple columns
Place blocks into the center of your pages
Use different layouts on the same page, under different circumstances

Creating a new page with Panels

1. Once you have Panels installed, you can have start creating a new type of content. Once you go to Content -> Add Content, you can now select Panel as an option.









2. Next, you can choose one of the pre-set layout types or Builders -> Flexible to make your own layout. We will do the second for the purpose of this tutorial.










3. Now, select a title for that page, enable it’s menu item and click the Save at the bottom of the page.























4. Next, you need to add the actual content of your page. To do this, click on the Panel content -> Gearbox icon in the panel -> Add content












Edit the layout of panels

You have created page using if you need to change you can edit layout of your panel.
1. Go to the Panel layout tab and select for example a 2-column layout from the available ones. Then, click Next to proceed.








2. You can now see the new layout of this page. Click Save to proceed.













3. Now, you can go back to Panel content and you will see two content columns instead of one. Add to them whatever you want – widgets, menus, content, etc. Once done, hit Save.













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