SEO Tips & Tools for Search Engine Optimization

We want you on this page to introduce you to the most important and useful SEO Tips & Tools, but if you came here for (just a little too) clever tricks to discover fool the search engines we have to disappoint you, our tips are namely complete “white-hat” as in SEO parlance.

1. Basic SEO

The basics of SEO are actually very simple. Google has in its TOS (Terms of Service) and Webmaster Guidelines clearly spelled out what they think what is allowed and what is not. Essentially, it means that everything you do to the search engine on the wrong track to set wrong. And everything you do purely for the search engine, and would not do if there were no search engines, it is also wrong. This is really all modern SEO mistake? No, because Google gives also the limits. Until you remember that visitors should see at least the same as the search engine robots, you’re already well on the right track.

2. Content is King.

Absolutely! Without content (content = text), a search engine never know where your website is about. You must get enough meaningful information on your website stand. But that you’re not there yet. The information should also match the search actions of your potential customers. They seek a solution to their problem. You have the solution for them in the house, but you must make them clear.

The difference with traditional marketing is that you are much more in the minds of your potential customers need to empathize. What is their problem, and more importantly, with the exact words they search for the solution to their problem.

3. Backlinks

Back-links, reciprocal links, referral links, link building. A highly underrated, but absolutely necessary part of the find ability of your website. There are 2 main reason peoples ask to links from other websites. The first is simple; links to other sites deliver visitors to your site. Home pages, directories, and even Wikipedia Marketplace can be good for quite a few visitors.
Google bass honors the value they give to a website which is also on the number and quality of links you get from other websites. But not all links count. These are mostly links to “spontaneously” laid. Directories and paid links still seem to lose more weight. So you will have to search for related websites that make link to your website.


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