Top 3 Unavoidable Trends for iOS App Development

Keeping in mind increasing number of iPhone users across the world, no organization can ignore proliferating demand of iOS-based mobile applications. To expand customer reach, it is important for new age companies to develop applications that can run on iOS platform seamlessly. With technological advancement in this arena, competition has intensified to develop engaging and user-friendly apps for the App Store. Further, the launch of Apple Watch has created a buzz in the digital industry across the world, creating urge for developing compatible apps. Here are top seven trends that developers should keep in mind while developing applications for iPhones.

Wearable Devices

As stated above, technological advancement in Apple Watch can bring challenge for developers to come up with applications that can run smoothly on iOS platform while maintaining user-experience and overall functionality. They need to upgrade their existing iPhone apps for the watch.

App Security

Today, developers need to leverage benefits of enterprise mobility and BYOD concepts to ensure optimum app security.

Enhanced Performance

iOs application developers are now have to maintain balance between users’ demands and technological advancement while developing user-friendly applications. If competition is taken into consideration, only those apps are going to make their presence felt, which have performance, easy navigation, and wonderful user interface.

IBeacon Technology:

iOs devices extend their location-based services by implementing innovative iBeacon technology. App developers can keep a tab on their clients while harnessing this technology with BLE (Bluetooth low energy). Apps integrated with iBeacon technology makes geofencing a significant factor. A large of airports, sports arenas, and retail establishments are installing iBeacons to share information and interact with Apple devices effortlessly. So, it is highly important for developers to use this technology while developing an effective iOS application.


Developers should not ignore HTML 5 and its development tools while developing hybrid mobile applications that work on multiple platforms seamlessly.

Incredible User Experience

With increasing number of iOS devices, the app user experience has become critical to cope up with. Analytics data will play a vital role in creating better use experiences.

Mobile Gaming

The mobile games need to be cloud driven because of the high demand of frequent and regular updates in the games.

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