Website Trends Set to be Huge in 2017

The world of web design and development is constantly changing, so it can be tough keeping up with not only the advancements in the technology, but also the design trends that are popular at the moment. If you’re a website designer or someone who’s working on completing a master of science in computer information systems, or you’re planning on receiving your information system degree online from a highly regarded school, keep reading to discover a few of the website trends that are set to be huge in 2017.

Think About Mobile First

A lot of businesses today know that their customers are going online and checking out websites while they’re on the go. Therefore, mobile design has become increasingly important over the last few years, and in 2017, it will be even more important to take an approach that will ensure your website looks good while viewing it on a tablet or smartphone. If you aren’t able to create a website that people can easily navigate through on their devices, you’ll end up losing a lot of traffic and conversions as a result, so definitely take what’s known as a mobile-first approach to your design.

Use Less Stock Photography

Images on your website will still be crucial in 2017, but designers will have to start getting high quality photos from sources other than stock photo websites. There are a lot of websites that have the same stock images even though they are competitors, and it just comes off as tacky and unprofessional. So go ahead and hire a professional photographer or purchase unique images from them, so you can get images that specifically fit your vision for your brand and website. In doing so, you can rest assured that your site will be truly unique, not only in terms of the content, but also the design.

The Use of Large Typography

Another emerging trend is the use of large typography on websites. This is because, in addition to images, typography could be a great way to visually convey your brand’s personality to your site’s visitors. Also keep in mind that, because the screen resolutions on devices are always improving, the type on the page will become easier to read and sharper in appearance. Visually appealing typography will be a big trend in 2017, so expect to see full screen type that is oversized and is able to work beautifully with parallax scrolling. Like images, though, typography can be custom designed for an even more unique appearance.

The Use of Animations

Static imagery is important, but the trends are moving towards getting designers to engage visitors with the use of animations that tell stories and convey personalities effectively. Thanks to jQuery, CSS, and HTML5, animations are able to easily grab a visitor’s attention, and they can be customized as well to suit specific needs and purposes.

Now that you know about a few of the trends that are going to be big in website design in 2017, you can create a website that will be attractive and modern.

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