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Today, with the proliferation of the Internet, the number of new websites has exploded to millions. Considering the enormous competition for page ranks, the difficulty of gaining visibility for new websites has also increased tremendously. So, how do you achieve better search engine ranking for a new Website? There is a good way of doing this and it is called link popularity services or link building.

What is Link Popularity

Link Popularity refers to the number of inbound links to your webpage from other external sites. What is even more important than the numbers of incoming links are the quality of the links. Also these links should come from popular websites that are relevant to the niche of your site.

Why you need Link Popularity

The best way to get better ranking in a search engine is to improve the popularity of your website. This is only possible if you have enough inbound links from other relevant and quality websites. These days, the use of Link popularity services or link building has become an essential component of search engine optimization. The reason is that the major search engines like Google/Yahoo are employing link popularity algorithms to calculate pagerank for Webpages. What link building does is, it gets more number of quality inbound links to your webpages resulting in better page rank. This can give a significant improvement to your Website traffic and visibility

Type of Link Building

  • One Way Link Building
  • One way links are links to your site from other sites that have not received any backward links from you. Achieving one way linking can be almost near impossible, unless you get a little innovative. One such innovative method is now being used by webmasters and is called triangular link building or three way link building.
  • Triangular Link Building Services
  • In this link building method, you can ask a webmaster to place your link in his Website, and in return, instead of placing the backlink in your website, you place the link in some other related Website or link directory. In this way we achieve one way links for the both the Websites. Using this method for one way linking is the best method you can use to boost your search engine rankings.
  • Two Way Link Building Services
  • known as Reciprocal link building or link swapping services is another commonly used and easy link building technique for improving your search engine rankings. Here the link building is achieved by exchanging links between two sites of similar genre based on mutual understanding.

All these methods take persistent and continuous efforts. It is better to leave the job to professionals who know the tricks of the trade rather than trying it yourself. If you have any link building need, we are here to serve you. For more information on our Link Building services, you can email our link exchange team at